-A hodge podge about me-

Name: Oryanna

A.K.A: Obaba
( It means "Old woman". My friends love me so.) Also my father calls me "O". I may answer to Ory, but don't like that much.

Date of Birth: August 15th 1970 at 8:04 AM

Location: Camden, New Jersey

Name Meaning: "The Golden Light" or "Great Mother" From Cuzco,Peru as it was chronicaled in "Chariots of the Gods".

Species: Human

Distinguishing Features: Usually seen with pencil or pen behind ear. Hyper at the wrong times, tired at the wrong times.

Relations: Is "a lot" a legitimate answer? I have my father, a brother, and two sisters. A mess of cousins, aunts and uncles that are caring. For info about my mother, go [here]. I also have [Augie], "Li'l Sis".

Friends: People I consider friends, as they can define the word to me:

Mom - You are always with me.

Rei-chan - My conscious... whether you are my good or bad conscious remains to be seen. Syke! Love you like a sister! ::hugs:

Gallon - Urf! You want what we all wish for...To leave a mark on the world. Just not in the neighbor's bushes...unless it's Tom's house.

Batsu - Distant, but you have memories I relate to. As for the rest of it, turn it off occasionally. Okay? Don't let that talent to spare go to waste!

Nuriko - I wondered what it was like to be blissfuly happy. You remind me of a young Andy Dick.

::bows after the Slappy Squirrel impression and puts a bomb in your trousers::

Now that's, comedy.

Wolf Max - Still dancin' like a monkey? Do another comic!

Jason - A female version of yourself? Eww. Not! ::gives you hugs::

Skills: I can turn my eyelids inside out, and do a really good ALF impression on a good day ( my voice has been described as "disturbing" at times ).
A voice of reason (isn't that a white summon from MtG?) in some situations. And unlike some people, I can "Turn it off". =P

Hobbies: I like to read, and draw ( if it isn't already obvious from these pages ). Hanging and chatting with my friends and family. Playing video games, and Magic. Watching Anime, and learning about the cultural aspects behind it. I like to "know" things.

Magic Deck: Green. I like others, but nothing can beat smacking someone around with a giant squirrel!


Western Zodiac: (By the "House of Lucille")

Sun in Leo Moon in Capricorn

Some words about Obaba's personality type:
Outwardly a modest person, Obaba is rather proud of her dreams. Though able to love wholeheartedly, first impressions leave others thinking she is indifferent. She is passionately loyal to her friends. She needs to be careful as to not be so overbearing. But her creative endeavors, compassion, and kindness are her greatest assets.

Numerology: (By the "House of Lucille")

Frequency-1,5,6,7 and 9

Egyptian Zodiac: (By the "House of Lucille")

Sign: Horus
Colors: Gold

Eastern Zodiac: (By the "House of Lucille")

The Ming Shu (Circle of Animals)

Year of the White Dog
( Metal Yang/Metal Yang )

Selfless charitable to others, loyal and overprothective to a fault. Self-rightious and unswerving in princple.

Poetic Name: Metal of Braclets and Hairpins

Hsing : Inert Emotional state: Saddnes Ruled by: Venus Corresponds to:

Season - Autumn
Time of Day - Evening
Compass Diretion - West,West Northwest
State: Yang
Color: White
Number: 9
Sieu: Nü The Maiden (Andromeda)
Located in: Dark Warrior.
Symbolic Animal: Bat

Any Questions?