I'd like to thank *YOU* firstly, I'm glad you
read this page. I really appreciate all the
visitors here.

“Don't forget where you came from”

My mother - The single most influental person in my life. My literal reflection. She is loved and missed.

My Family - Anyone who knows me, knows the disagreements I may bare with my family at times, but they are petty as even in my darkest hour and biggest blunders, they saw me through them.

“Just hold on tight kokoro kujikete mo...”

Rei - A sister in all but blood, to paraphrase Wendy Pini's "Elfquest". For someone to have endured your hardships and still be gracious and smile is phenominal. You are a strong woman.

Batsu - Somewhere, on a planet named "Cybertron"...You have a talent. And even with what you need to do to survive, give time to your art as much as you can. You have a lot to offer.

Nuriko - Talent need not be mentioned in your pressence. You have so much to spare! What I try to get on paper, you portray everyday.

Gallon - I can't fathom how you can be as hard working and fun-loving all at the same time.

Wolf Max - Reminded me that I could do this, and is actually a mongoose dog.

David Richter - High School bud that encouraged me to get my art done back then. Whereever you are, thanks.

Jason - You happen to pull a lot of the madness in my life together now. With 10-11 hour work days, you trust me enough to go on with things otherwise normally...and trust yourself to do the same.

“ I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers ”

Windyhare - For thinking of me at the right time.

Whiskey - For being gracious enough to consider this humble hut on his server.

Dr. Ippolito - For seeing a woman who's love of Earth's other creatures, and eagerness to work would be enough.

R. Wolffman - For listening and helping me to get the shell I had to a working computer.

“You will all turn to page 258 of your textbooks and we will continue from there…”
Friends Schools - A tremendous amount can be said for the teachers at these schools. Haddonfield Friends, during my first years in grade school, and Atlantic Friends, who's tenacity in the face of such great odds, still inspire the "can do attitude".
The US Public School System - A few teachers went above and beyond to give their students the best, instead of the standard.

More to Come--*