(stuff that isn't answered anywhere else )

  1. How did you get the name "Obaba"
  2. Will you do graphics for my site?
  3. What applications do you use for your
    graphics/web design?
  4. Will you make me a site/webpage?
  5. Why do you give discounts to "Pirates"?
  6. What is the meaning of life?
  7. Will you draw me a pic of (subject of pic)?
  8. You have characters. Are you going to
    put them in stories?
  9. Where are your adoptables?
  10. Why purple and pink?
  11. I want to learn how to draw. Can you teach me?
  12. Where can I learn about web design/ drawing?
  13. Can I link back to your site?
  14. Can you put a link to my site on this one?
  15. You don't do fetish and pr0n art?
    You can make lots if you did!
  16. What are some of your influences?
  17. A lot of your art looks like anime/manga.
    Are you copying that Japanese stuff?
  18. How did you come up with the site name?
  19. Can you speak Japanese?
    (then followed by) Can you tell me how
    to say (a curse word) in Japanese?
  20. Dub or Sub


  1. How did you get the name "Obaba"
    Back when I started seeing my friends, they all had nicknames from anime. So when trying to find one for me, we figured since I was the oldest at the time, and there was almost always an Obaba in any series, the name kinda stuck, and I don't mind it at all.
  1. Will you do graphics for my site?
    Not at this time.

  2. What applications do you use for your
    graphics/web design?

    I use a combinatinon of several:
    For Graphics I use Photoshop, openCanvas (small but extremely powerful graphics app),Lview and MSPaint.
    For web design, I use Dreamweaver and Notepad.exe. Even though Notepad and MSPaint are so unassuming, they still get the job done.
  3. Will you make me a site/webpage?
    No. I have enough trouble keeping up with this site without me possibly booching yours. And I like this site. =P

  4. Why do you give discounts to "Pirates"?
    What have ye against pirates?
    Seriously, Yohoho Puzzle Pirates in a fun game. And the charcters are simple and fun to draw. I also know that if a crew or flag wants a group portrait, it shouldn't be 10 dollars a person. Oh...and Yarr! Ye be defeated!
  5. What is the meaning of life?
    I don't know? Ask your mom?
  6. Will you draw me a pic of (subject of pic)?
    Sure! As long as it meets all the criteria listed on the commisions page. Follow the directions and I can work on it.
  7. You have characters. Are you going to put them in stories?
    Yes! The Sleeping Dragons Page will eventually lead to individual character pages, and there is a comic in the works.
  8. Where are your adoptables?
    Please read the adoption page. I will be changing the layout so somethings are easier to get to than others, but until then read carfully.
  9. Why purple and pink?
    When I got my first bedroom I didn't hafta share. I was really happy. Then I had the opportunity to pick the colors when my parents were repainting all the bedrooms. I picked pink as my main color, and orchid as the trim. As I got older, still liked the colors, but the purple more. So that is why the text (foreground) is pink, and the background is purple!
  10. I want to learn how to draw. Can you teach me?
    There are a lot of reasons to want to draw. But I drew firstly because I felt I had too, because my handwriting was so bad, and second, I've had no real formal training.
    I don't know how to show anyone how I draw, because my art isn't some formula. It's best put like this: I can copy someone else's style sometimes because I know there are rules to their style, but if they try to draw my stuff, they sometimes get frustrated. I had someone challenge me like that in high school.They called my art crappy and easy to draw. So I got mad and challenged him to see if he could draw like me. All I had to do was pick a subject and draw it as realistic as possible, while he fretted over how exactly to draw Ger's head. He was a good artist, he just didn't know my rules, which are none.There prolly is another lesson in there.
    In either case, the best thing I remember about me learning to draw, was the fact that no one told me I couldn't, and as long as I thought I was getting better, I didn't stop.
  11. Where can I learn about web design/ drawing?
    There are loads of resourses on the internet to help you with this.I find doing a search for "tutorials" in these subjects turns up loads of info. Knowledge on the web is free, as ALL knowledge should be. How you use it determines how wise you are.
  12. Can I link back to your site?
    Yes. When linking, you can use this button:

    Save it to your hard drive and place it on your site with this code:
    <a href="http://dreamchaos.net/~obaba/" target="_blank"><img src="Images/OHButton.gif" width="0" height="0" border="0"></a>
    And thank you for linking me if you do!

  13. Can you put a link to my site on this one?
    That depends. Have I ever been to your site? Do you have a link back here? Are you going to give me pizza or cookies? All of these are very important decision making factors.
  14. You don't do fetish and pr0n art? You can make lots if you did!
    I know what I could make, but I am not interested in anything but PG and PG assumed art. I'm sure there are a lot of artist better than me willing to produce that type of art and would appreciate if
    you'd see them for a commision, instead trying to engourage me to do their job badly.
  15. What are some of your influences?
    In art, even though I am really not encouraged by all of their practices, Disney had a huge influence, as well as Warner Brothers. Anime took what Disney did to another level and made it palettable for adults and children before it made sense to do so in the US.I am often offended by people who assume anime is either:
    A. Porn
    B. Violent
    C. For Kids
    It is assuming you are an intellegent person of the demographic that they are aiming for. "DBZ" is not cool for me because of that thinking, however Azumanga Daioh is.

    Artist that influence me are, Henri Rousseau, and Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Salvadore Dali. Others include Preston Blair, Wendy Pini, Chuck Jones (who heavily influences my work for those that can see it) CLAMP,Don Bluth,Rumiko Takahashi, Vicky Wyman, Kenji Miyazawa and Sugiyama Gensho (gotta love the cats),Hayao Miyazaki, Rankin Bass (The Last Unicorn=Art), Amano, Walt Kelly, Alan Davis, Akira Toriyama, Robin James (all those Serendipity Books we had) and Sally Cruishank (Quasi shorts).

    Authors that influenced me are Peter S. Beagle, Jim Henson, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffery, JRR Tolkien,JK Rowling, Ezra Jack Keats, Janice May Udry (Mary Jo Books!), Steven Kellogg, Richard Adams, Douglas Adams, Stan Lee, Mildred Taylor, Chris Claremont, and Jeff Smith.
    I know that's a slew of folks, and some of them even cross-reference each other since they can wear both hats of author and illustator. People are capable of creating so much. Entire worlds can spring to life in one blessed moment of inspiration. These are a few of the people that show us that this genisis is possible in each of us.
  16. A lot of your art looks like anime/manga. Are you copying that Japanese stuff?
    No. I like the style of anime a lot, more for it's storytelling than the graphic style. What draws me into the art is the "cleaness of line" as I call it. It's something for a sloppy artist like me to aspire to.
    The storytelling is usually assuming the viewer/ reader is intelligent, and will not itself dumb down just in case you don't understand right away. Even better is when it's a purely artistic piece like, Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru (Night on the Intergallactic Railroad). Light on the dailogue, and basically looks like a children's movie, but portrayed in such a way that the viewer is still moved regardless of age. Not the same way that you feel when you may be moved in a Disney movie, deeper than that. If you don't understand what I mean, look at the console RPGs that are popular here and in Japan. The story is a key element and things happen for a reason. The endings aren't always happy and may leave you with a sense of uncertainty, but that is the way life moves.

    And I dare any grown man who wept when they saw what happened Arieth in Final Fantasy VII to rebuke this.
  17. How did you come up with the site name?
    This is a flashback...please keep your hands and feet inside the memory at all times...
    It was the summer of 1999. I was with my friends, Rei and Daigo, and we decided to revive Rei's Anything-Goes Anime Mailing List. This was my first time working on any webpage stuff.
    We camped out at Daigo's, and worked on a layout, art and got several pages done. In between working, we made runs to the Wawa, and played Dino Crisis as a 3 player game. I was navigator, Rei solved the puzzles, and Daigo shot all the stuff. Rei also got all the people working on the site to do staff pages. It was a bunch stuff about everyone working on the site. You can see it's still here, but the site is in disarray. You can still see who else was working on the site, but many people liked the idea, but were lost in the battle. It was the first time I ever used the term "Hut" in reference to myself, and it sounded cute. So even though it didn't go as planned, that blissfull summer has not been forgotten and has a memorial in the title of this site.
  18. Can you speak Japanese?
    Then followed by
    Can you tell me how to say (a curse word) in Japanese?

    Here's an idea. Go learn a language, how to read write and speak it. Then emerse yourself in it's culture and then you won't need to ask such things of Obaba.
    I said I'd give you an answer. I didn't say it'd be easy.
  19. Dub or Sub?
    Why do people make this an issue all the time is beyond me, but my opinion on is: It depends.
    If you watch dubbed anime now, at sometime you should graduate to subtitlled or raw. Why? Because it's like going through life with blinders. You don't watch a movie with comprehension filters on and you shouldn't do that to anything you watch or see. Dubbed translation is severely hindered by what it is assumed viewers understand. Kinda like what I said about anime on Question 17.
    For example, if an anime has a character with an accent, one of the frequent ones is the rural Osakan accent, no amount of dubbing can portray that. I have heard the Osakan accent interpeted like a Brooklyn or South Bronx accent, California surfer, Texan and a deep southern drawl...None of which can convey that sound. It is not the fault of the voice actors and actresses that are doing their best. It is simply something that is best left alone. As are certain words, as with the case of Fushigi Yuugi, where "no da" a character trait spoken by Chichiri, is translated into "ya know..." because they HAD to represent his humorous way of speaking for english speaking ears. The term means nothing of consequense, but here it is with a meaning that doesn't fit.
    I have heard many people that tell me watching subbed is too hard cause they said if they are reading words, they won't know what's going on and miss the action. Trust me, you still don't know what is going on. If you don't believe me. I can say that when I watched the ultimate "new fan of anime movie", Akira, I never comprehended the total meaning of what was going on until I saw it subtitled. The lights came on and I immediately knew!
    The American entertainment industry doesn't expect you to know anything it doesn't tell you itself. In that sense, it's as stupid as it thinks you are. If you are watching anime in it's original form, it's going to assume you are interested. And that's enough, is it not?