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those,As an artist, I follow the "11th Commandment" and copyright laws.
What am I talking about? Visit these sites if it is unclear.

( The two above sites are not affiliacted with "Obaba's Hut or "Sleeping Dragons Inc." They are for reference and I claim no rights to the content, but only apply the statments to the work posted here)

Let's make everyone's stay here more plesant

Window Sitters
Lttle frends for your desktop.
Get program here.

Oruchban Ebichu

Ebichu the Housekeeping hamster
( or 1060¥ rat ), cleans your windows
and minds the house.

Coming soon:

Amyah Mae Mascot

Kawaii Miss Amyah keeps you company
on your active window. In 3 flavors!

Gerbaba and Ger Mascots

Bad lil dragon + Your Desktop = Fun!

P-Chan Mascot

The ever wandering P-chan stops by
on your computer. Not very well, as
he comes and goes. But he'll let you know where he's been off too.

Nyago Mascot

Nyago does what he does best.
Sit and do not much. But it was worth
the effort.

Coming soon:

Kiss Dolls
Computer paper dolls
Get progam here

Amyah Mae

After a hard day of shopping, Amyah
is ready to try on her things.
Expansions will be coming.

Make A "My Little Pony"

Ever want a lil' pony of your own?
Make one and dress her up.

No, it isn't another Amyah one.
It just seems that way.

WinAMP Skins
The MP3 player
Get program here


Coming Soon:


Black and White Creature Skins
(For the PC games "Black & White" and "Creature Isle")

Battle Cat - (For the Tiger Creature)
For all you Masters of the Universe/ He-Man fans!
This skin has Good, Neutral and Evil Versions

Lioness - (For the Leopard Creature)
This skin has Good, Neutral and Evil Versions

Animal Eyes
Cat Eyes - Kinda cartoon like, but nice

Icon Sets
(Coming Soon)

( all are 1024 x 768 )

Ethnic design

Adinkra Design

Freedome and Unity, I Will Not Forget

Theme based

TClock Theme

Mitoca Plum Theme

Anime and Manga

Card Captor Sakura

Blue Waitress China Dolls ver. 1.0China Dolls ver 2.0 Hanami Time
Kaede no Autumn
Neko Pinku Night Vigil Princess
Purple Ribbon Star Captor Water Angel Water Sprite

Chou GALS!

Cow GALS! Neon Kogals

Digi Charat

Dejiko Sit Nekid Digi Rabi and Dasies

Kodoma no Omocha

Sana Checkerboard Lotus Hold

Patsu Faye Series

Patsu - Believe in MeRose FileMarigold FileButtercup File
Orchid FileCornflower FileLily File

Pico Pico Sentaro

Pico Pico Shuffle


Misha in WIndow Pitaten Angel

Shamanic Princess

Summon Tiara

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Bedtime Chibi Utena to Anshii Dancing Anshii Laying in Roses Rose Cradle
Rose Window Sillouette Rose Slaying the Witch SwirlUtena Frame
Utena Hold Chibi UtenaUtena Shattered Utena Valentine 2001

Yami no Matsuei


Sleeping Dragons

( These, unlike the rest of the wallpapers are copyrighted by me, the artist and Sleeping Dragons Inc. Please do not re-distribute, claim or alter. )

Amyah Moon ver 1.0 Amyah Pose Amyah Pose Color Amyah Sun
Is This Love Lucy and RosesSleeping Dragons SplashTatsumaki
Thetis Thetis MoreCherub and Imp

Amyah Satr Series

Amyah Star OriginalAmyah Star ver. 2.0Amyah Star Final
Golden Starlight Amyah StarSilver Crystal Amyah StarEmerald Amyah Star
Opalesent Amyah StarSapphire Amyah StarAquamarine Amyah Star
Amethyst Amyah StarRuby Amyah Star

Nekomimi Series

Aya Purin

Azumanga! MIDNIGHT

Naughty Sera