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• Sleeping Dragons Works

The Dragon Bride - A Sleeping Dragons play of sorts. In true fairytale spirit..
(quite serious. I was in one of those moods)

Backstage Pass - Err...what happens after the play. Read for laughs

Akazukin Cha Cha Amyah © - A classic story turned on it's ear by lovely Miss Amyah Mae

"Attila the Hen" - The Little Red Hen, revisited by Lucy.

An Otter's Reflection - A work in progress. Lucy the Otter narrates a tale of her past. Parts posted as they are completed.

Poetry and Other works

Pone and the Magic Bone - A story dear to me as my mother and I sat down and wrote the story as I told her about a dream I had about a little puppy...

Oryanna and the Haunted House - A little insight on my mentality and a fun read. A first grade assignment in Teacher Bonnie's class.


"A Winter Poem"
"A Birthday Tragedy"
"What's A Dream"
"Unicorns" (Once again this obsession rears it's head)
"Healing Heart"
"Jewels of the Mind"
"Now-" (I was playing with that weeks vocabulary and came up with this one)
"To Dragey, with Love..." (Dragey, A.K.A. Ger...)
"From Eighteen to Five and Back Again"
"For the World,...I Cried"
"Why Ask Why"
"Now and Gone"
"Toby Comes Home" (For my friend)
"The Jersey Shore" (Thoughts of home)