Ready to leave and find other interesting locales
on the web? If you liked what you saw here, try a few sites
I can whole heartedly recommend:

Hosted Sites and Domains (not availible)


Resources: These are links to many useful resources I either use on my computer, or for this site.


My present webhost, HostGator has offered some great support
at very reasonable rates. The 24 hour customer service, concise flash
tutorials, and site tools make it a great service...Once you get over the
fact they have a little blue cartoon alligator for a mascot.
Dynamic Drive has a great script repository, online editing
tools and forums to help ot aspireing webmasters.
 The CountryMan   For users of WebTV, this site offers some functionality for

web designers limited by the browsers lack of java support. It even has
a WebTV Viewer availible for download link.
Simply the Best isin't that it used to be, so this link
goes right to the sitemap that is so hard to find buried in the confusing
navigation. Not the best anymore, but has some great free and shareware
availible for download, scripts, fonts, drivers and sound files.
GUI Stuff offers both layouts and turorials for webmasters
as well as some tools and links to other sites that for the text
and graphics they use in the layouts.
Formerly,, DHTML Central has great free for use
navigation scripts, forums, links and tutorials. is now owned by
another company...
Where Bratta was, OpenCube has popped in. It offers it's
commercial menu navigation systems and other scripts free. But they imbed
the links back to their site in the coding.

"phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly
customizable Open Source bulletin board package. phpBB has a
user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel

 RanmaGuy, A.K.A. Theo Chakkapark, is a genius, and wrote
and translated the popular Oekaki Image board system for Open Source usage.
The Hut Fridge uses a version of that system.
 yubnub  Another smart student that came up with this idea as an
entry for a 24 hour programing contest. It is a command line for the web,
kinda like a shortcut key. Type "Obaba" and it will bring you here.
The best part is that anyone can add a new command line, so if it
isn't taken, then it makes it easier for people to find your site.
There is even a method to install the search in your browser, -HERE-

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Runs scans on your computer for viruses, spyware and
reccomends how and where to tune your PC for peak perfomance.
This program and many of the others here are useful
at busting spyware. This one logs all the programs runnig at a given time.
Checking the log can turn up culprits most of the time.  A very comprehensive site with drivers
to nearly every type of hardware and brand out there. Requires sign-up
but is worth it in the long run. Also has a BIOS tools CD availible.
(Note to Firefox users: May need to install an extension to work through
your browsers
Major Geeks has links to very good freeware and other
utilities to help you totally geek yourself out.
This is a personal site with a lot of widgets
Track IPs, song lyrics, bible verse lookup...Another uesful site Automatically check your present IP
address. Hosted by rjsNetworks.

Online Computer and electronics outlet with specials
availible every day. Excellent selection, service at reasonable prices.

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Aside from the name, Avast! is a exceptional virus protection
package that offers the works. The best yet is that if you use it privately
in your home, it is free to use as long as you update the registration
ID number yearly. Homepage, here
AIM,one of the most popular instant messaging systems, and where
you are most likely t find me logged in.
is a cute plugin for AIM that allows you to both log IMs and disable
the ads, (Note: only functions with AIM 4.8 and lower)
Listmaker creates a list of what is in a location in your computer, or any
disk drive on your system and outputs it as an HTML or text file. It also has
features intergration with WinAMP for MP3s files and can run automatically
to regularly update the file list.

A nice utility for customizing your Windows themes.
It also allows for log on and shutdown logos, an eyeydropper tool to make
producing an appealing color scheme, and can sit in your start tray
for easy access .
The Wonderful Icon is just that. An unassuming little program
that sits in your start tray putting loads of hidden functions at your fingertips.

Small handy program that acts as an alarm
clock, and Windows Taskbar clock customizer.
User friendly torrent manager that is Java based...and
and has a cute frog as an icon (Must have latest Java installed)
Smart file compression utility that packs away
and extracts files excatly the way you like em.

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(Note: Link to download at
"SASAMI stands for "Specially Advanced Synchronized Accessible
edia Interchange"
It can palyback most media files, has a fading interface
that doesn't that makes viewing easier, as well as subtitling support.
I'd never whip the llama, but WinAMP is one of the best
media tech proggies around. With support for skins, visualizations, and
other plug-ins as well as the additions of SHOUTcast, Raido, Streaming
Video...what other new tricks can we teach this wily ruminant?

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This award winning program is rather small but
as strong as a powerhouse, like Photoshop. Extras allow you to save
your progress as a watchable file. For beginners, one can learn the
methods used to create effects, and rumor is that they are considering
bringing the paintchat function back. You, all your friends drawing in a
collaborative online effort. All you animators look for it's sister program,
FrameToon, coming stateside as well.
For those used to traditional media, Art Rage may be the answer.
Loads of simulations of graphic mediums that make let you create more
like the old masters on a PC.
Download a trial or purchase one of the best icon editing
packages availible today.
For quick image browsing, LView performs well and
is quite small. The pro version is more a full blown image editor now
and is availible for purchase.

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Set up to load the Classic version, the Anipike has been
one of the best places around as a resource to fans of anime and Japanese
pop culture buffs alike. If nothing else, it's a great place to start if you have
an interest in the subject at all.
Armitage's Dimension seems fairly laid back until you click the links.
They have a wonderful J-pop/Anime related Internet radio station that
runs on listener requests! Definately worth a listen.
And if you want to sing along with your favorite
tunes on AD radio, you can visit animelyrics. There are quite a few ways to
find the title you want and if you have a handle on it, you are able to sign
up and contribute as well.
If you are serious about browsing Japanese sites, then
try and purchase from NJStar. They have several applications that will aid in
browsing, word processing and they have links to some transitional resources
as well.
Quite a few years back, this site was free. They still offer some
free goodies, butto support themselves, they have the support for the programs
availible through subscription.
:This site is fairly simple and mostly text, but it packs a lot of info
on the seiyuu working in the industry today as well as some other bits if you
explore a bit.

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B.S.T.? Something to be seen to be believed.
-WARNING- Not for the squemish, if you fear exploding marshmellows.

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"Everybody! Everybody!" Homestar, Strongbad,
Trogdor and more. Flash madness.

Flash clips, Games, and edgy.
Just stay away from the loops.

Not as campy as when it began, but...Napster BAD!
Remember those stick fighter animations? The
authors site seems to have vanished, but the work remains
on Newgrounds (listed above) in this collection.

One of those sites that I HAVE to
recommend even tho' it's in Korean. This is a colaborative effort
of three people, best known for the "There She Is!!" animations.

the webcomic list is a comprehensive up to date
database that allows you to subscribe to all your favorite
online comics. More importantly, if your comic isn't listed, you
can add it and it is availible for public subscription.

Much like TWCL, Comic Alert allows you to subscribe to comics
and recive a notice when they are updated. They
require a certain amount of subscribers tho'

Below are direct links to some web comics I browse, or
you can go to the webcomic listing -HERE-

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Power Puff Girls Doujin, Snafu, Grim Tales
and The Incometent Ninja. All Fun stuff!

Just college life in it's normalcy. Whatever that is.
(Also availible here is the MOG*MOD for Morrowind : Elder Scrolls III
Related comic link as bonus!)

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Video game commentary in comic format? NEVHAR!
Video game commentary by cats in comic format?
8-Bit Theater, the granddaddy of all sprite comics
Classic Ol' skool console gaming meets comedy writing.

A quirky sprite comic based on the Guilty Gear series
(zoMFG! I lost the linky and found it again! Squee!)

An amazingly well written story revolving around a
band of rag tag heroes. Stick Figures are People Too!

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Ever so nifty webcomic fully supported by it's readers, and pirate bun bun lovers.
-CONTENT ADVISORY- "What an adorable little kitty!"
Think again.

-CONTENT ADVISORY- Purple Pussy: Comic for Girls
Sadly. Purple and friends have ended their run, but the
archives remain. And what a run it was!

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HollyAnn's kawaii comic that is part autobiological,
part Canadian and all purplie vixen fun!
Another semi-autobiological series. Touching in
on the author's ups and downs in life as well as her ability
to pull through with a little help from her friends

Adorable is the best description. To
quickly sum it up, as it already says,"The Odd Couple
...but with more donuts"

Treiss moves to room at
Catena Manor. Boy, she never knew what she was getting into!

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VCL: The largest furry/anthropomorphic artwork and story library on the Internet
Largest Furrycon on the East Coast. Moving from Philly to Pittsburg in 2006

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Yohoho! PUZZLE PIRATES (Yarr! This be the game Obaba goes on about...)

YPP site with game download. forums, Y!PP Tools and game help and FAQs
You have questions, most likeky they are answered here.
Puzzle Pirates Radio, featuring ear to the dock discussions and music to
blocakde to.
One of my favorite YPP resources, allowing you to plan your wardrobe and see others designs
Great Tutorial and information site, if only for the maps alone. Look for a move in 2006
(Hasn't been updated in a while)
A "where in the YPP world" resource that has maps of the oceans (except Hunter)
Logs and helps one manage pillages like a breeze!
A must have link for getting the skinny on all the flags and crews on the high seas.
Know what your up against (Presently Down)
Sword Patterns and Drop Patterns generator. Very useful!
Comparisons and listings of taxes and the economic layout of all the oceans. Track commodities and prices
If you need to get a handle on your BNav, this isn't a bad way to practice
(presently out of commission)

- Puzzle Pirates Comics -
Kingpriam's chronicles of Lordofdooms foibles on the Midnight Ocean
A tale set on the Viridian Ocean about a "unique little snowflake",Raggedrobin
as she learns about pirates, the Navy and wardrobe booches. Now featuring, "Ask-A-Greenie" and Smiff!

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Friends Sites and Projects:

-Rei-chan's Vending Machine - Rei's sites. The ML is under construction, but you can meander in the the old place at the Vending Machine.
-Rei-chan no Anything-Goes-Anime ML - Closed at the moment. Re-launch in with the KtKO site in 2006

The new compendium site in the works. Reviews, store and much more.
Browse or sign-up if you get a chance

-Wolf Max's Art Den

The breeder where I acquired Ruby. She was really helpful and the cornsnakes she has are gorgeous!

The Cybertron Sound -CONTENT ADVISORY- Well what do you know...A vault of Batsu's Tracks throughout the years. Very gifted, and very...Hey Rei, what's another five letter word for "potato"? Site does reqiure sign up...
- Irontank Fox's (aka ITF)site and Her DJ and Playlist info is -HERE- (CLOSED) - My second host. Fair winds to you, Splash. (CLOSED) - My first host. Link posted out of love and respect. Good luck Windy.


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