20 Century Work

Ger Pic - 1998 Amyah Moon Art Nouveau Augie Babe II Beach Pullum
B&W Tatsumaki
Amyah Hurricane StarPawma 1998 Ger Fight Avatar Ibuki Rei
Pawma 1998 Color Moonies Sighing Pullum Burning Talya Moon Raider
Talya Character Sheet Tavey Character Sheet Shampoo 1996 Amyah Mayhem

Age of Aquarius

Haruko Amyah Morrigan the Cleric Amyah's Evil String Thing Furaha the Pony Gerbaba's First Comic
Gerbaba and Ger Ying Yang G and T Medallion Hot Topic Amyah Kagale Thunder 01 - Kagale and Lucy Meet for first time.
Lucy Leap Obaba Pawma Fire Plug Suit Rei Sabiha the Bard
Snaretrap Chaos Amyah's Snowday Pirate Onana


For TamarikFor DartwithFor Briamah
For Dorel  & BriaFor MiserySailor Misery
For Aquamarie
For Aquamarie and JerichoHappy Birthday Shizu