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Updating so soon? Yes, because of computer issues.
I will be offline while these are resolved, this can be anywhere from a few days to a week, I suspect. Symptoms include Explorer.exe crashing repeatedly, programs not shutting down appropriately and lack of sound from my relatively new card. The initial suspect is that one of the drives in on it's last legs. At least if it is, it is warning me first.

To all my hostees: Rei, your pretty good at maintaining things. Call me about any new issues. Sarah, I live up the street! Come over and we'll work on those.
To AMM readers: I will be looking at an update after this is over. I could try to manage till I post, but it most likely will cause more damage over time. I am always late with the comic, and the most I can say about the next episode is, "Holiday Rumble". The storyline will be back after the storyline rewrites. With Three Rings' game updates, I have to keep it pliable. =D
To the casual brower here: Continue to check here for info about progress.


My, where has the time gone? The site is shutting down, so all further Azumanga! MIDNIGHT's are going to be posted here, at It is listed under the new "···COMICS···" section on the menu.
Also added another new subdomain, This is for our Dungeons and Dragons info run by our friends. The LINKS page is done and posted. The main Hut intro page has some fanlistings added and some pulled. Working on Fun little side project.


Updating the LINKS pages now, and going to work on the local copy of the site on the comp. It is much better on the site than it is here. I finally was able to contact Splash on and he is alive and well. The other point is that the host is moved to and they are treating me well. There are several subdomains hosted here, as well as my other projects. A quick rundown goes like this: - My main site and homebase. - The Hut Fridge Oekaki Board. - A Message Board for all the sites (under construction) - Crew forums for Le Freccette, A Puzzle Pirates crew presently under the command of Captian Toji... - Guild Wars forums for Order of Corrupted Souls, lead by Mirei Kanjo. - The official host of the Azumanga! MIDNIGHT comic - The second main host I had, presently functioning as an occasionally updated mirror. - The 3rd main host I had. Presently in limbo as I have no control over the server or domain name at this time.
...and 2 other projects that have yet to launch, but are a collaboration that will require a great deal more work.

My computer continues to sturggle with whatever has it running so slow. I have yet to finish a comic for AMM to upload, and it is definately not for lack of effort. A new rig is in the works, but it will be a while. There are a lot of things going on right now, as you can see. I am very behind and I hope you folks reading this will understand. I look back on all the updates I have done and realize that I have achived a lot here, where ever here is on the web. I have had this humble hut to call home, and I appreciate all the support from it's original incarnation till today.

-Thank You!


FINALLY did something about the menu layout. THANK YOU ITF! ::huggles Fox::
It's pretty neat and I used it to learn a lot as I took the elements apart and made them work with the menu I already basically had. I am also thinging about a color scheme change. Not so drastic as to more a hue change than color change. And the ZOO will reopen later under "···ABOUT···" later. The OekakiPoteto is going to get a few editions in the future and the LINKS page has some new web comics linked to.
Also to note, Rei's site is being hosted here and we are working on setting that up. It's a potpourri of anime, vidoe games, and other elements of Asian culture that should be a nice addition to the Hut neighborhood. I'll keep you posted with those upates here as well.


Happy Anniversary to Jason and I!
I have been busy again, and hope will enjoy the edition of stuff to the site. Just added OekakiPoteto to the site for the artist out there. Also there is a OP powered chat for folks to use. This site is almost what I envisoned it being at the start, so that will most likely mean a new layout and some tutorials as well as some new adoptables. Tho' I wish folks would either take a few home, or if they are, let me know who has found a home!


Long time no see...
Well AMM is doing well, and is being hosted by Jericho on the site of the old Crow's Nest Forums.
The Hut is now running on it's own domain,, and I am really happy for it. There are plans for a forum to be moved here from, as well as an oekaki board for all the artist out there to share and hopefully grow together. Some new Wallpapers are going up as well, so check out "GOODIES".
Removed are "GODDESS" and "CHAT", for now. Take care!


I should have had this done a earlier, but somethimes the site takes a back seat to those that don't give a whoot about me either way. Can't simply be playtime over till 4 AM! I know I can obsess, but hell, I will obsess constructively! AMM was moved back to because of server issues at I am really enjoying the pirates in the comic! I want to put a tagboad or something there too, cause people are already saying good things on forums and such.

...and Toji is cool.


Updates! Dreamchaos is holding up long enough for an update, so I am introducing a Y!PP-themed comic called, Azumanga! MIDNIGHT. Oh joy.
It's little pirates with no noses having adventures! Personally I love all the characters now and dream about them a lot. Wish Rei was still in the game, cause we'd be giving all of them heck! Look for the comic in the Sleeping Dragons pages.


Oh yeah...the journal has been updated 3 times. I added the Pone story in the LIBRARY, and is doing a little server shuffling, so a little of now you see it and now you don't here. I talked to Whiskey, webmaster at and he is managing. I can't find my copy of Black and White, which if I have indeed lost it, then this means I've lost 2 copies of this game...Grrr!


Not much to update, except a YPP! character portrait. Dynamic and...Hmmm, reminds me of something...My Journal is looking sparse because is gone and not I haven't opdated everything yet. For anyone haveing trouble with quizilla images, try this:
This will correct the links. I haven't updated my Journal yet, but I am working on it. Stay tuned.


Uh oh...Tax day. Mine are done. Well back in the middle of last month. I finished a second commish for Briamah, a fellow pirate, and they are posted in the MUSEUM. She's very nice, even though the pirate in both of us will shanghai you if we get a chance. Yarr!


A new story is up, more wallpapers are also there along with a entirely NEW wallpaper. I have put up some Black & White mods for creatures and eyes.
That is the good news. The bad news is that my grandfather passed away last week and sent me into a funk for a bit. I also picked up a cold somewhere. But I seem t be back on track, and will be moving stuff here slowly. I may actually put a message board here, depending on the feedback, and that board server includes a chat room. That's a pretty big addition, so if you like the cut of that gib, give me a clue!


The Adoption pages have been revamped. You can now adopt right off the site. You still have to read instructions carefully, and sign the guestbook. I expect people to be intelligent about this but still have fun. Also am getting a shorter URL, because my dad doesn't know what a " ~ " is. "" You can still use the addie, but don't have to.


Updates include filling up the commisions list, and me adpoting a few of Ghost's Anime Kitties. No more commisions untill April. It's a few days, you can wait! =P No major art has been uploaded to yet. But the pages look pretty much complete with support graphics up.


24 hours can change a lot. I got the site up on wyrmfyre within 24 hours and now I'm at thanks to Splash! Dreamchaos is an active server with quite a few users from the furry community with their own sites. Give them all a look.
There will be a transitional period, and I will make redirects and relinking Mood icons and other things over the next month. Commisions are still being done at this time, but my life right now seems to be absorbed in art that I actually enjoy doing. Never thought drawing pirates could be fun! There is another avatar project I may include. Keep you updated.


There has been an update on the commision page. I am not biased. =P
YPP players can get a discount if asking for crew or flag pics, but I will be discontinuing the "PoE pay".
I'd like to make my do doing the piratey stuff rather than the art. As it is now, I play less because I'm drawing again. This is good, infact great. Here's to hoping people consider me! I will be setting up a Paypal button for the commisions page as well or better yet, linking off one of the emails.


It's only been a few days since my last update, and Whiskey sent me news that the server is going bye bye, at least for a while. So I'll be moving to a temporary home, so look for redirects and updates to a new place. I always said the Hut was portable.
Also, I finished my first commision and that will be up by the time this update in posted. I am also planning to redo the's getting cluttered!


Happy St. Patty's Day and introducing a commision page! Finally. Please read the stuff there and life updates in the JOURNAL section.


Not much as far as updates go. For Dragon Lover, read the Adoptions page carefully. If you've been to Skyhaven, then I didn't make it completely easy to get to the page. It just seems like it. email me and I'll get back to you. Other than that, I have a graphics tablet again so there may be new(er) adoptables soon.


I lost internet access and I am updating pages offline. Journal enteries are also way behind. The Zoo is closed, but is up as a memorial. My life sucks -_-;. Will be opening commision and new store page when I can.


I have gone through a lot offline, but the site is still moving. The adoption pages are open as well as the re-launch of the Hut Mart. The Mart is themed according to availible designs that appear for a short time and are replaced. No forums or chat, but I may scratch those unless I get feedback that says otherwise.


Well the Hut broke 4,000 hits, and I'd like to thank everyone for their support!
Lots of updates. Adding a new section called "Goddess" that will be opened at a later time. Also adding the first adoptable critters on the adopt pages. The site info page is up, and a links page. Dabbling in forms now.


In "Goodies" downloadables, added 2 new wallpapers, the Ebichu Window Sitter, LucyAMP, and edited links for better navigation. The rest of the puttering around was other connecting content. I'm about to break 4,000 hits, but I know about 50 or so were from be over the last few days.

05-26-2003 (Happy Memorial Day)

Updated all the stories, and added some back links, as well as adding a one "Akazukin Cha Cha". It is using a few graphics that I think will add to the story.
The Mama Mekeda pages will be delayed, as the book I was transcribing from is in my sister's possesion. And I loved that book.
The journal has been updated , and has all new "Obabacons".
There is also a "Friend Test" in the Journal, under the link here. I'm letting the problem with the menu go cause if everyone can see it, then I have no beef with it. Look out for a new Amyah pic as well as some surprizes.


Nearly a year to the day I finished a site update. What ever isn't done will be caught up with, such as contact info and the like. More stuff will be going up as I will be selling some of my art and abilities (wait till I post criteria).
For an update on my life, check my Blog under "JOURNAL".
It's been a heck of a year!


Reformatted text in 2 stories, "The Dragon Bride" and "Backstage Pass", in the Library archives. Did not get a day off as planned so the release of the first SD comic pages are still delayed.


Sent some updated menu items to the site, and the pics are up. "Sleeping Dragons" is behind. I was doing a search on to find my site, and found another comic called "Sleeping Dragons" D'oh!!! So SD may be a working title ;-;.
Wall papers are not up, and wont be for at least a week.


After uploading to the new server, I remembered the browser problems. >.< back to the drawing board. The pages that are done are compatible with most browsers, I'll need to make the "WebTv" type again. It won't be as pretty, but it will get the job done.
Also the issue of the menu will be addressed, more pages, and the wallpapers going up. Officially open, but not complete is the flavor of the moment.


So I got the DSL modem hook up in today, and approval to use it. I uploaded the pics, and...well, I'm open! The site may get a domain, not all the links work yet, but when things go up,... ^_____^. Thanks for the support everyone. Keep it coming!


Or not...considering going back to Tripod. Answerz does not have an FTP, and will only allow 100KB and below files to be transfered. Ugh... I can't make pics look decent at that size! THings looking good. Things will turn around in the next few weeks.


Some other problems came up with the server. Apparently CuteFTP and other FTPs do not like, so rather than work with Tripod much forever, I'll be moving to It offers enough space, and the rules are just like everyone else's. The banner hangs around the front and isn't so bad.
At this rate, the art will still be up as scheduled.


Hell week is over. And the site is going up! Happy for me. I am changing servers cause Tripod is cutting back on their service. Bless they're hearts. >.<; I have some of the pages up and will be posting more. Not active pics yet, but stay tuned. Big things are happening!


Stuff at work is keeping me busy, but stuff for the site is begging to get done. The format is working now, and I will need to debug pages in Netscape before everything is ready. I'll then start to post stuff gradually *pets her connection* Please be good. ;-; I also will be starting the "Sleeping Dragons" comic, so look out for it and I'll be back!


Having "personal issues", but keep getting ideas. Something has to work better, much better.


After making a skeleton dummy pic in MSPaint, I have the layout art mostly finished, and is now working on the task of making it work in a browser. After 2 days of work, and a text editor crash, I'm starting from Square Three, ( One and Two are really done, so why not Three! ) I'll be posting till the site is up. Ensuring that'll get done.

C-ya! Obaba