The Hut That Obaba Built...

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"Sleeping Dragons"
Why is this site here?

Version 0.1

The Hut was first created back in 2000.
The name I had gotten the idea for when I was helping out
Rei-chan with her mailing list. The name appeared on her staff profile page and I had thought it was cute.
All the editing for the site was done while I was OL using WebTV. There were words like "Transloader" in my vocabulary, but the Hut, as well as pages for each of my characters was up, using bits and peices from other content I had strewn about OL elsewhere. I had at the time a chat, message board, and graphics.
For those of you that don't know, WebTV is a dungeon for PC users. This site was hosted on Tripod, and no longer exists in any form as the pages have been lost.


Version 0.1.5

After getting the help from some friends and getting a new comp, I started work on a new version that was to be very graphic intense, and heavy on Javascript and other scripting that it wasn't possible to see on WebTV. I was being rebelious, I guess, but the site never got relaunched from that point and the design never saw the light of day. It's here cause I spent the time on it, and it looks absolutely hideous to me now.


Version 1.0 - Draft 1 Draft 2Final

The next incarnation of the Hut was roughed out in MSPaint, and then to be implemented online. The problem with this version turned out to be 2 things:
Location and Compatibility.
I had a rough time finding a server after I found out Tripod practically ruined the content with it's pop-ups and banners. Then they announced they were reducing the user space OL. So for a while I was server hoping, till Windchaser and Whiskey lent a hand. I had a DSL account activaed and the site was up in 24 hours on, but with the coding I had, a lot of people said the pages crashed their browsers. So even though I loved the layout, another version had to be made.


Version 2.0

The newest version is based on frames. and some creative uses of rarely used HTML tags. There is a little javascript here and there, but it is veiwable in most browsers without a problem. There are more pages up than it the previous version, and at present, not all links lead to a destination.



The latest design is based on the Hut Logo. I designed it with the last layout. It uses frames with color coordinated scrollbars. The navigation allows the content of each page to load in this frame and eases the load time for the pages. The font used here is Verdana in 10 point. The font used in the graphics is called "HUXLEY". In all the instances that "Obabas" was spelled, the " " was drawn, as this font has no apostrophe.
The use of purple and pink was influenced by my childhood bedroom color scheme, though in opposite effect. The flowers are dingbats from a font called "Star Time JL" with centers paintned in. Graphics were edited in Photoshop 5.5 and 6.0, and pages were edited in Dreamweaver 4, and cleaned up in good ol' Notepad (The BEST BY FAR webpage editor ever!!1!).


"Sleeping Dragons"

Back in 1975, I had my first Sleeping Dragons adventure. I don't recall it well at all except it involved a certian mischevious little dragon named simlpy, Dragey, and his lion friend, Leo that he loved to torment.
Back then it was called "The Pawprint" and there was just me, and my dragon. I got older, and I stopped playing friend to the Pawprint, and started playing mother, hence the name "Pawma". So Pawma was born and I left to watch over the progress.
Then next character to appear was a white harp seal called Lucille (get it, Lou Seal), who was a headache to draw, so she became an otter and the name stuck.
Dragey and Leo, under went name changes only in the last 5 years with Ger meaning nothing except to me and Lucy, and Kagale meaning, "This one will be trouble".
The next addition to the SD family was to be a tribute to the artform known as anime. I had often complained about making a unicorn character, and had a baby one I created in the 80's that was due for a bit of maturity. Influenced in part by Vicky Wyman's handling of the equine form, Amyah Mae (the "Mae" is named after my grandmother), made a debut and became a secondary mascot for Sleeping Dragons.
The last character, that isn't a character really, is Gerbaba. Going back to the idea of "Me and my dragon", Gerbaba was created, or rather showed up. It isn't that she is an me or Ger in equal parts, it's me as a dragon that as it turns out is the same dragon as always, just female.


Why this site is here?

This site was created for the purpose of posting my works and ideas throughout the years, as well as giving others a chance to know characters that I have known for years and so that they may know others.